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My Gorgeous Couples

Meet my Gorgeous couples......

This is the page where I get to 'show off' to you all, with photos and a little 'insight' into the beautiful people I work with. If I have married you and you would like to be added to this page, email me your favourite wedding pic and You will appear here.  xxx


'Craig & Fiona'
@ Guppy Park - Bunbury
I chose a group shot to show you these guys. Beautiful bridal party and guests. Fiona is super organised and it showed throughout their wedding.

Take note of the bridesmaids; hair, makeup & Fab wrist garlands. Guppy park has the most gorgeous acoustics for a ceremony. My favourite bit was one of the bridesmaid carrying the flower girl's (daughter) dress on a coat hanger - just in case she would finally agree to wear it. In the pic - she has her preffered little pink number on!! LOL....

BLUNSDON_229'Damo & Casey'
@ Millbridge
My favourite bit was when little Ky was so excited as Casey
appeared that he screamed out "Dad - come and have a look!"
Everyone burst into laughter which set the mood for this
fun wedding. Damo was Mr Cool throughout and Casey was simply stunning. More pics at Clair Panetta

'Jon & Katie'
@ Wyndham Resort Dunsborough
I have known Katie's family for many years and Dad's
don't come prouder than Katie's! He presented Katie
with a traditional Scottich Luckenbooth Brooch as a
family heirloom. Super gorgeous Groom and Groomsmen!!
Cheers for the Red!  xxx  Photo - Clair Panetta


'Jono & Jess' @ Abbey Beach Resort Yes - the delicious Resort in Busselton was all decked out for this Harvey couple. Take note of the monogrammed cricket balls that each couple received! How cool. Photo courtesy of Clair Panetta Photography.


'Geoff and Kate'@ Pioneer Park - Bunbury Kate was absolutely radiant on her wedding day and was attended by three stunning bridesmaids. The boys scrubbed up pretty well too (even for Marist boys)It's such an honour to be able to officiate the wedding of friends. Thank you so much.


'Darren & Charmaine' @ Harris River Dam
This was a truly intimate wedding in a beautiful peaceful setting in the bush.
Brooke and Josh  (D&C'sKids) were a big part of a truly magical wedding.
Charmaine's Dad was 'ever so proud'  to escort his beautiful daughter.
Thank you guys - you are an amazing little family. xxx

suehall'Wayne & Sue'
Peppermint Beach - Capel
Wild weather moved on for the most perfect day on this gorgeous
beach. This wedding was a real family affair. Two of the bridesmaids and little flower girl are precious daughters. These guys were off home, destined to have the 'Party of all Parties!'


'Ryan & Brooke"
Koombana Sailing Club - Bunbury
Two very special friends of mine. Brooke arrived to the tune of 'Lullabye' (Dixie Chicks) and looked like a beautiful princess. Many tears were shed (mostly Ryan's & mine) as these two pledged awesome vows. Brooke's bouquet (Florist Gump) contained greenery and silver honkeynuts from Scotty's farm. Was a 6pm ceremony with brilliant lighting. Wicked Groomsmen (my husband included) and 4 of the HOTTEST ever bridesmaids. My clever Mum decorated the Club with more gorgeous bush from the farm.


'Daryle & Tanika'
Vat 2 - Bunbury
Daryle pledged his undying love to his little 'Pit Bunny'. (Hottest Pit Bunny ever)
Joined by their gorgeous kids; Tyler,Makayla & Madison. Daryle joined us on the beach to 'Highway to
Hell',  then Tanika joined us as she arrived in her very fast & loud 'Hot Rod'. Check more of their pics out on


'Brett & Kellie'
Gundagai Farm - Boyanup
I had the honour of marrying these two personal friends on their family farm.
A Glorious Sunset ceremony. Amazing unforgettable vows. Kellie paid tribute to to special women in her life. A 'Blending of Sands - with a difference'. Divine Elegance!! Followed by a very long party.


'Scott & Tash'
Bandeeka Farm - Boyanup
Gorgeous Scott and Tash were married on my farm, which was an absolute pleasure. In front of the folley in the Cow paddock. Tash wore the full 'Princess' style to perfection. Hilarious Bridal party! After the ceremony, the two of them headed out amongst the dust and Bulls (yes in that dress) for more stunning photos. Check them out at 'Lumens Photography'.


'The Kemp Family'
Jetty Baths - Bunbury
Arran & Donna together with their 3 groovy boys celebrated their love overlooking
the beach. Friends had totally decorated the marquee.
Donna paid tribute to her Mum that has passed
as she released balloons and played the 'Kangaroo's' Anthem.
Best of luck to this very special family.

'Mark & Jenn'
Bunkers Bay
The handsome Welshman married a super stylish Jenn on the superb seaside
location. Best man Rob, shared a reading; 'I Wanna Grow Old With You' by Adam Sandler.
Amazingly the sun shone with perfect timing to dazzle us all. 


'Cam & Maree'
@ home in Gelorup
My Brother-in-law & Brand new Sister-in-law. Hooray at last!!
Married on the 10th of April -  the wedding anniversary of both Cam's Grandparents.
More emotion (my tears!) and great excitement. Cam & Maree worked their butts
off to make their very cute cottage become a magical fairyland as the sun
went down. It is an absolute pleasure to marry family. Thank you - xxx
Pixel Magix worked  their usual magix!!


'Steven & Tash'
Sanctuary Golf Resort - Bunbury
Yes - Steven knows how suave he looks, however he was out done by his Stunning Bride!
An Anzac Day wedding - perfect to signify 'best mates'. Family & friends took part
in a special handfasting ceremony especially designed for the day.

hoppa_mel'Hoppa & Mel'
Caversham House - Swan Valley
These guys travelled with their party animal guests all the way from Karratha. Hoppa pledged his love to an absolutely Stunning Mel,
on the stairway at Caversham, wearing his trusty old akubra!


'Colin & Jacqi'
Lighthouse Beach Resort - Bunbury
What a magical day this was - Horse & cart, Tails, all the trimmings to Elope!
Vows were exchanged on the vert top of the turret (lighthouse) with the
tiniest ever bridesmaid. (See her next to Colin in photo) As the ceremony
was complete we looked up only to see (the very romantic) Colin had
hired a plane to fly a huge "I LOVE YOU JACQI' banner
blast around the skies of Bunbury. For more on the
'Chinese Crested' Dogs click here; Wazzat Xoloitzcuintle


'Adrian & Tamaryn'
Pioneer Park - Bunbury
Two absolutely 'Beautiful' poeple! Will be in my memory forever.
These guys were the 'KEENEST" ever to marry. Brilliantly thought out vows.
Their treasured Border Collie, 'Simpson' was the ring bearer.
Fantastic wedding guests to work with - Cheers!
'Love you Longtime!'   xxxx


'Tim & Meg'
Voyager Estate - Margaret River
This wedding had it's very own 'Wedding Planner'.
Meg was onto it all - Fantastic! Voyager was the
perfect location. Nothing like a 'Butterfly Release' to
make a wish. So much to love - even the 'rain'. xx


''Clint & Jessica'
Don Hewison Centre - Dardanup
On a roasting hot Saturday, these two pledged their undying love
amongst the stunning rose garden in full bloom.
A fabulous bunch to work with and loads of laughs.


'Jay & Cherie'
Vat 2 - Bunbury
Aren't they just eye candy!
A perfect day for a perfect couple. Ohhhh - Cherie's
dress - WOW! This was one of those weddings that are
gorgeous in every way. That same familiar 'wedding crowd'
appeared here. Awesome live music on the beach.

'Dale & Mandy'
@ Mandy's home - Kimberly Farms - Dardanup
Woohoo! Mandy in a dress! (and thongs)
Manicured lawns, bells in trees, petals - the works for this couple.
Now the Warners Bay Yuppies, celebrated in huge party mode.
Mandy is my husband's fave cousin - so typical of me
Yes - a few tears were shed. Love you guys! xxx


'John & Jessica'
The Braes - Nannup
The Wishart Family Farm was dressed up to the nines for
this wedding. The garden was like a fairy garden.
A blissfully happy and awesome couple to work with.
John & Jess had a Classic French twist on their ceremony
and then jetted off to France for a 'romantic' and well
deserved honeymoon.

'Ben & Tiffany'
Rocky Point - Bunbury
These two young lovebirds braved the icy beach front with their
Fabulous friend & Family for a  lavish  sandy ceremony.  The instructions for us all,
were to 'leave your shoes  at the path'. I have  since performed
quite a few ceremonies for these crew and almost consider myself 'family'.

<~~~~~Best Friends Ever~~~~~>

'Rob & Renee'
Faulkner Park - Belmont
What is it with these guys & cold weather?? Brrr - then the sun shone.
I LOVE this picture. Rob looks like 'the Cat that got the Cream'!  A very romantic affair where Rob & Renee promised to 'Love each other like crazy' for the rest of their lives. Rob paid tribute to his treasured Mum who has passed. More Lumens Photography.


'Andrew & Lorraine'
Casella's - Bunbury
Where do I start? ... Delicious!
These two are as yummy as they look.
Super groovy couple - totally in Love.
Under brilliant sunshine, these guys married, with
their hilarious bunch of mates as the bridal party.
Check them out on the Pixel Magix Blog.


'Wes & April'
Ferguson Farmstay - Ferguson Valley
Wes wins my 'Most nervous Groom Award'.
April's beauty shone as she appeared  looking
absolutely breathtaking and Wes forgot to be nervous.
I was honoured to share the ceremony with Wes' Uncle which was then sealed with a butterfly release. Heavenly....

bradhayley'Brad & Hayley'
@ the Family Farm - Yongerillup
No Fuss! Brad's instructions. He was SO organised - we didn't need to. A stunning Hayley arrived in Brad's 2nd love - his 'FORD".  These two make the perfect love story and are absolutely beautiful people. Thank you for the 'tour de sheds' - I have a very jealous husband..  Cheers guys  xx


'Blech & Tish'
@ home - Bunbury
Oh the gorgeous Ms Piggott / Fab photographer
in the stunning (my kinda style) dress wed her
big softy Blech in their home garden. It was going
be One Big Party! Hmm - those familiar wedding
guests popped up again. I am going to adopt them
all as my new 'rent-a-friends'. They are awesome!
Go the Saints Blech! xxxxx